The Louisiana Superdome has hosted:
seven Super Bowls,
five NCAA Men's Final Fours,
four BCS national championshp games,
two National FOP Events.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

1500 Sugar Bowl Drive

New Orleans, LA 70112

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

On the North half of the field…

For our final night, guests will experience a night of fraternalism on the floor of the Superdome. With the football turf in place for the upcoming football season, hangout on the very field that has hosted seven Super Bowls, countless college football championships, games, concerts and other events.

Arrive at the Poydras Street entrance and walk through the Saints tunnel and exit to the overhead sounds of crowd noise. Buffet stations and bars will be set-up on both sidelines of the Turf.

Enjoy ballpark food while seated at tables on the football field and enjoy entertainment on stage.

On the South side of the field…

On the opposite side of the turf, from the 35-yard line to the end zone, take part in the “Manning Football Experience” where you will have an opportunity to kick field goals, throw passes and relive your high school days.

The Manning Football Experience is a hands-on interactive program developed by the great Manning Football Family. It takes the basic skills of football – pass, catch and kick – and creates three hours of entertainment.

While most of our members grew up with the thrill of football, some are touching an American football for the first time. All of them come together to take part, relax and have a good time.

What better way to “de-stress” or unwind after a long meeting than with football, jock rock, and fun?
The Superdome was originally supposed to open in time for the 1972 NFL season at a cost of $46 million. Final cost was $163 million.

Superdome sits on 52 acres of land. The roof is 9.7 acres or 440,000 square feet.

The diameter of the Superdome is 680 feet.

The Superdome measures 273 feet in height with a seating capacity of 76,468.

The original turf for Superdome was called Mardi Grass.